Omni August 1979




ROBERT A. HEINLEIN: Reflections on Love Region, Space Travel and Hunman Potential  

WEEKEND ASTRONAUTS: The Slowest, Cheapest, and most beautiful way to fly

CARL SAGAN: White Dwarfs, Little Green Men and Tales of the Ancient Astronauts

PLUS: Silicon Valley, Jaws 2000, UFOs over IRAN, the Little Space Probe that could

Contents / Articles

First Word - Opinion by Ben Bova
Omnibus - Contributors
Communications - Correspondence
Forum - Dialogue
Earth - Environment by Kenneth Brower
Space - Astronomy by Mark R. Chartrand III
Life - Biomedicine by Bernard Dixon
Official Circles - Politics by William K. Stuckey
The Arts - Media
UFO Update - Report by James Oberg
Coninuum - Data Bank
White Dwarfs and Green Men - Article by Carl Sagan
Sandkings - Fiction by George R. R. Martin
Wizards of Silicon Valley - Article by Gene Bylinsky and Zhenya Lane
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long - Pictoral by Robert A. Heinlein
John D. Issacs - Interview by Joseph E. Brown
Quietus - Fiction by Orson Scott Card
Shark! - Article by Kenneth Jon Rose
The Fox and the Hedgehog - Fiction by John Anthony West
Aloft - Pictorial by Nick Engler
Vagabond - Humor by David Searis
Stars - Comment by Patrick Moore
Explorations - Travel by Michael Cassutt
Warning Colors - Phenomena by Peter Parks
Games - Diversions by Scot Morris
Last Word - Opinion by Joyce McWilliams