Omni January 1981





Contents / Articles

First Word - Opinion Robert Anderson
Omnibus - Contributors
Communications - Correspondence
Forum - Dialogue
Earth - Environment Kenneth Brower
Life - Biomedicine Kathleen McAuliffe
Space - Comment Jerry Grey
Mind - Behavior David Cohen
Continuum - Data Bank
Fusion Odyssey - Article Mike Ederhart
The Business Of Fusion - Article R. Bruce McColm
Fusion Politics - Article Daniel S. Greenberg
Robert Bussard - Interview K. C. Cole
Divine Alchemist - Pictoral Thomas Weyr
Odd Man Out - Article Philip Hilts
Body Ball - Fiction John Keefauver
Apertures - Pictoral Geoffrey Golison
People - Names and Faces Dick Teresi
A Cage For Death - Fiction Ian Watson>
Film - The Arts Jeff Rovin
Books - The Arts Marc Kaplan and D. R. Bensen
Stars - Astronomy David K. Lynch
Photo Credits
Photo Contest - Competition
Persian Bronze - Phenomena Nicholas Hartmann
Games - Diversions Scot Morris
Last Word - Opinion James Randi