Omni October 1981





Contents / Articles

First Word - Opinion Kathy Keeton
Earth - Environment Don Wall
Life - Biomedicine Bernard Dixon
Space - Comment
Mind - Behavior Patrick Huyghe
Film - The Arts Tim Onosko
Books - The Arts Algis Budrys and Regina Weinreich
Video - The Arts Lewis Branscomb
Painting - The Arts Paul M. Sammon
Performance - The Arts Vicki E. Lindner
Explorations - Travel Susan Mazur
Continuum - Data Bank
Brainstorms - Article Kathleen Stein
On The Slab - Fiction Harlan Ellison
Three Fallacies - Article Ben Bova
Breakthroughs - Article
Oath Of Fealty - Fiction Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Omni On The Air - Pictoral Robert Weil
Soft Ions - Fiction Racter
Rosalyn Yalow - Interview Izzy Abrahami
Hinterlands - Fiction William Gibson
Cold Currents - Article Steve Aaronson
Paul Wunderlich - Pictoral Thomas Weyr
Mobius PSI-Q Test - Article Stephen A. Schwartz and Rand Di Mattei
Antimatter - Miscellany
Competition Results - Medium Rare Scot Morris
Games - Diversions Scot Morris
Stars - Astronomy Patrick Moore
Whirlpool Nebula - Phenomena Susan Bunker
Last Word - Humor Spider Robinson