Omni August 1988






Vol.10 No. 11

Cover Art: This month's cover is a laquer and oil painting by illustrator Manuel S. Morales. The image - a reptilian eye set inside the golden mask of King Tutankhamen - was originally created for the cover of the myster novel Crocodile on the Sandbank.

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President.: Kathy Keeton
Editor: Patrice Adcroft
Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Editor at Large: Dick Teresi
Managing Editor: Steve Fox
Art Director: Dwayne Flinchum

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 6)
Saving the Pandas
by George B. Schaller

Omnibus (pg 10)
Data Bank

Communications (pg 12)

Forum (pg 14)
Preparing Children for Tomorrow's World
by Marvin Cetron

Body (pg 16)
Who Owns the Sperm?
by Ruth Winter

Space (pg 18)
Martian Kitchen
by Neil McAleer

Earth (pg 20)
Zoo Story: Rehabilitating Endangered Species
by Tim Mulligan

Stars (pg 22)
Galactic Tug-of-war
by Steve Nadis

Continuum (pg 25)
The Candidates' Commitment to NASA, etc.

The Real Ghostbusters (pg 34)
Science and Poltergeists: A Haunting Story
by Tracy Cochran

Bruno's Shadow (pg 40)
by Marc Laidlaw

Letters Home (pg 46)
Correspondence from Scientists in the Wild
by Douglas Preston

Thursday's Child (pg 54)
Pictorial: The Fantastic Art of Ilene Meyer
by Nina Guccione

Interview (pg 62)
Gary Strobel, Maverick Plant Pathologist
by Kathleen Stein

Antimatter (pg 73)
Controversial UFO Case, etc.

Star Tech (pg 100)
Star-Climbing, Wheelchairs and
Other Tools for the Year 2000

Games (pg 102)
The Cerebral Sport of Ride and Tie
by Scot Morris

Last Word (pg 104)
Humor: A Fat Tale
by Steve Nadis