Omni December 1988






Vol.11 No. 3

Cover Art: She represents the "Venus of the future", says artist Jean Francois Podevin, who created Alien of Troy for China Sky's upcoming record from CBS. The figure is an expression of technology, humanity, and nature - with a dimension of mystery.

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President.: Kathy Keeton
Editor: Patrice Adcroft
Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Editor at Large: Dick Teresi
Managing Editor: Steve Fox
Art Director: Dwayne Flinchum

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 10)
The Future of Space Technology
by Allan McDonald

Omnibus (pg 14)
Data Bank

Communications (pg 20)

Forum (pg 22)
Results of the Interspecies Communications Experiment
by Nina Guccione

Space (pg 24)
NASA's Recycling Program
by Randall Black

Earth (pg 26)
Artificial Islands
by Dwight Holing

Stars (pg 28)
Neptune's Mysterious Moon
by J. Kelly Beatty

Artificial Intelligence (pg 30)
Brain-controlled Computers
by Darrell E. Ward

Arts (pg 34)
High-tech Jewelry
by Nina Guccione

Mind (pg 42)
The Politics of Alcoholism
by Joan Rachel Goldberg

Continuum (pg 45)
The Truth About the Right/Left Brains, etc.

Transcending Science (pg 54)
Mystical Experiences
by Dennis Stacy

How to Have A Mystical Experience (pg 137)
Mind-expansion Exercises, plus an
Interview with Joseph Campbell
by Keith Harary and Jane Bosveld

Silverbird (pg 63)
Pictorial: West Germany's Spaceplane
by John W. Anderson

On The Edge (pg 70)
by Sharon N. Farber

Los Alamos Whiz Kids (pg 78)
Classified Children: Coming of Age in New Mexico
by Nolan Hester

Long Day's Journey into Fright (pg 86)
The Physiology of Hallucinations
by Ronald K. Siegel

Star Tech (pg 92)
Office Tools for the Year 2000

Fledged (pg 96)
by Carol Emshwiller

Interview (pg 102)
AIDs Expert Luc Montagnier
by Thomas Bass

Antimatter (pg 109)
NASA and UFO Investigations, etc.

Games (pg 156)
Origami Architecture, plus Computer Gaming
with Chuck Yeager
by Scot Morris

Last Word (pg 162)
Humor: Psychic Abuse
by Kathy Thornock