Omni November 1989








Vol.12 No. 2

Cover Art: Entitled Dreams Between Stations, this acrylic painting by Atlanta's Rick Lovell depicts a "dream image not unlike nightmares we've all had at one time or another." Lovell's conscious dream: "for the human hand to always have a place in the arts over the computer."

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President: Kathy Keeton
Editor: Patrice Adcroft
Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Managing Editor: Steve Fox
Art Director: Dwayne Flinchum

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 6)
If we are what we eat, expect to be healthy and exotic in
the next century. This world-famous Cajun chef sets the
menu for the year 2000.
by Paul Prudhomme

Omnibus (pg 8)
The Who' Who of contributing authors.

Communications (pg 10)
Readers' writes.

Forum (pg 12)
So you had a dream that came true.
How do you prove it, and who is going to
believe you?
by Nina Guccione

Stars (pg 14)
The space probe that wouldn't die.
We haven't heard the last from Voyager 2:
Pluto may make news yet.
by Frederik Pohl

Explorations (pg 16)
Imagine racing across the Sahara, on foot, all your
supplies strapped to your back, for seven days.
Wouldn't you want a therapist on your trail?
by Kevin McKinney

Artificial Intelligence (pg 22)
Experts at MIT are gaining ground in the AI race -
their rodents have a great sense of direction
by Fred Hapgood

Mind (pg 26)
Before you go in for your annual brain tune-up,
find our just what contraptions are available
to excite your neurons.
by Judith Hooper

Space (pg 30)
Superconductors may power future trains on Earth,
but for Alvin Mark's vision, we'll need superconductors
to drive his train and collect the tickets.
by Steve Nadis

Continuum (pg 33)
Folks don't believe in ghosts until they encounter one:
Mars may have already been colonized: unscrambling the
mystery of a dinosaur egg: baboons who make monkeys
out of Human flirters.

Edited by Tom Dworetzky.
"The Sleep File", by Joni Miller: Next time your dream of
plunging to your death or soaring high about a forest, grab
for your Omni collection of symbols.
"Midnight Express," by Bob Berger: A bus trek across the country
reveals some unexpected nighttime stories.
"Celebrity Vision," by Judy Feldman: Jules Feiffer and other
notables give us a glimpse of their sleep psyches.

Life is But a Dream (pg 42)
Close your eyes and we'll lead you to a higher plane
discover your healer within, draw on the wisdom of your
internal therapist, or simply relax in mental Utopias
by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub

Fiction:Man's Best Friends (pg 54)
"Egg and Chips" by Thomas M. Disch
Separated at birth - the story of mechanical teddy bear
and his childhood friend.
"Leviathan" by Gregory Benford
Visiting with mom is often unpleasant, especially aboard a spacecraft.
"Lucky" by Tom Dworetzky
A space bum and a feline cross paths.
who ends up in the catbird seat?
"Mod Dogs" by Edward Bryant
In this biting tale, the underdog has its day.
"Faded Roses" by Karen Joy Fowler
What could become of the gorillas in our midst?

Pictorial (pg 67)
Each tax payer laid out about $2.40 for Voyager's journey:
118,000 photos later, scientists are calling it a real bargain.
But was it worth the trip just to count moons and find out
that our weather isn't so bad?
by Sandy Fritz

Twilight Zones (pg 74)
Working out in our dreams is the only exercise
some of us get. Yet today's athletes reply on this
rest period to supplement their training by reshaping
their minds and bodies - you can, too.
by Jayne Gackenback and Jane Bosveld

Interview (pg 80)
Computer guru Alan Kay shares his dreams of
what - and why - we know.
by Dava Sobel

Antimatter (pg 89)
The Soviet search for E.T's mind-expanding muesli,
and other tales from the far side.

Earth (pg 102)
A lone ranger rides again. Why would anyone take on
the Italians single-handedly just to protect a national park?
by Douglas Starr

Games (pg 118)
The IRS takes action due to a magician's trick;
a quiz puts your mind in gear.
by Scot Morris

Video Scans (pg 120)
The Genesis of video games is rewriting the
history of Nintendo.
by Bob Lindstrom

Star Tech (pg 124)
Future housewares.
by Jennifer Gilliland

Last Word (pg 128)
Waste not want not. Tasteful recipes for the family pet.
by Russell Jones