Omni December 1989








Vol.12 No. 3

Cover Art: Artist Tony Craddock created The Nth Dimension, a title he says "represents a mathematical theory that dictates there are infinite dimensions." He is represented by H. Armstrong Roberts Photo Agency in New York and by ZEFA Photo Agency in Dusseldorf, West Germany.

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President: Kathy Keeton
Editor: Patrice Adcroft
Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Managing Editor: Steve Fox
Art Director: Dwayne Flinchum

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 6)
Can you will away your ills
by Norman Cousins

Omnibus (pg 10)
The Who' Who of contributing authors.

Communications (pg 12)
Readers' writes.

Forum (pg 16)
Censors are trying to end what they see
as Stephen King's reign of terror.
by Howard Wornom

Arts (pg 20)
Pet rocks: With animals climbing the music charts,
can grouper groupies be far behind?
by Elanor Smith

Space (pg 22)
Cutting through the red tape:
A joint Soviet/American venture could ignite
more than a rocket
by Peter Garrison

Artificial Intelligence (pg 24)
Cybernetic sleuths: Flatfoots step aside to
make way for computer cops.
by Larry Kahaner

Explorations (pg 28)
There's an uprising in the South, but this time it's the dead.
Our reporter explored the ghoulish claims - because
inquiring minds want to know.
by Sherry Baker

Body (pg 34)
On an impulse: Surgeons get ahead on epilepsy research
by Jonathan Partridge

Stars (pg 36)
Could your epitaph read
by Jane Bosveld

Mind (pg 38)
Stepchildren may suffer the same ordeals depicted in fairy tales.
by Heather Pringle

Continuum (pg 41)
Shouldn't we have the right to choose or refuse, our own health care?
Lick the right toad, and everyone will look like a prince; the blob
that ate the dinosaurs; wiggle your ears and smile - do you have
an artist's face.

Phoenix Rising (pg 50)
You can't get answers without raising questions. The AIDS crisis
unprecedented procedures within the medical community; it has also
accelerated the finding of causes and possible cures
for other dread diseases.
by Linda Marsa

Dr. Zodiac (pg 60)
Your horoscope for today says you're about to change your option
of astrology. According to an eminent British astronomer, heavenly
bodies above can influence the earthly beings below.
by Dava Sobel

Fiction:Family (pg 74)
Out of ashes: As civilization decays, and institutions crumble,
a new order rises for the ties that bind.
by Joyce Carol Oates

Pictorial (pg 88)
Missing peace;
A tale to mend your heart.
Art by Gil Bruvel

Fiction: Tomorrow's Child (pg 94)
Desperate to save his dying daughter, a father puts his
trust in an artifact that's from outer space.
by Lisa Mason

Interview (pg 106)
Anthropologist James Schafer studies the habits and rituals of his
flourishing tribe, the all-American drinker. He's even developing a
guaranteed hangover remedy.
by A.J.S Rayl

The Magic Theater (pg 114)
Interactive computer animation: There's nothing quite like going
home after a hard day's work, climbing into your trusty DataSuit,
and riding off into the sunset.
by Fred Hapgood

Antimatter (pg 121)
Blame it on the aliens Resurrecting the cattle mutilation debate;
chicken pox opens the door to the "other side"

Games (pg 138)
Don't get mad, get even - a numerical tic-tac-toe: It's your turn:
You won't need to buy a vowel in Halphabets; just spin it around.
by Scot Morris

Video Scans (pg 140)
Top gun: Armed with little more than his joystick, Lindstrom
took on this year's computer and video games
by Bob Lindstrom

Competition (pg 142)
Name that goon: Poking fun at the expense of others.
by Scot Morris

Star Tech (pg 152)
Future transportation.
by Judy Feldman

Last Word (pg 156)
Gross anatomy: Alien integration will boost our egos by redefining ugly.
by Brent Butterworth