Omni January 1990









Vol.12 No. 4

Cover Art: Dutch artist Braldt Braids originally created this oil painting for the cover of The Sand Child, a novel by Tahar Ben Gelloun. Currently based in the United States, Bralds says the illustration reflects the poetry and metaphor he found in Ben Gelloun's tale of androgyny.

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President: Kathy Keeton
Editor: Patrice Adcroft
Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Managing Editor: Steve Fox
Art Director: Dwayne Flinchum

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 8)
As we focus our attention on the democratic triumphs of other
nations, we must remember our own battles. Are we witnessing
a serious reversal of civil rights in America?
by Martin Luther King III

Omnibus (pg 10)
The Who's Who of contributing authors

Communications (pg 14)
Readers' writes (our wrongs).

Forum (pg 18)
Children take a peek into the year 2050 and predict
what their own kids' lives will be like
by Kevin McKinney

Stars (pg 22)
Astronomer Halton Arp proposes a theory that just may contradict
some long-held beliefs. Is there room in science for innovation?
by T.A. Heppenheimer

Space (pg 24)
Austria will do anything, even windows to build its space
program. This tiny nation's agency headed up by
Johannes Ortner, has big plans for space ventures.
by Brenda Forman

Body (pg 26)
Video technology has hit the operating room, but it's being
used inside the body to aid women and surgeons.
by Sherry Baker

Artificial Intelligence (pg 28)
Nobel Laureate Arno Penzias asks how to make the most of, and
suffer the least from, the future wave of technology.
by Robert Fleming

Explorations (pg 32)
Secrets locked in dinosaur remnants may cause the history of
the birds and the bees to be rewritten.
by Don Lessem

Continuum (pg 33)
Is it possible to help someone with a severe psychological disorder
when that person sees you as a part of the problem? New toilets,
could flood the market; taking the twinkle out of little stars;
and how to give an alien a physical -- without killing him.

The Last Laugh? (pg 42)
Who's crying wolf? We know the end of the world is coming:
we've been told so, many times, by seers from Nostradamus
to Jeane Dixon. But with the new millennium upon us, prophecies
are gaining tempo for the next Big Bang.
by Dick Teresi and Judith Hooper

Pictorial: Fish out of Water (pg 50)
What creature should go see a car mechanic instead of
a veterinarian? What kind of underwater dwellers
mate until, literally, death do them part? And which
aquatic entity traps prey with its radiant beauty?

Interview (pg 58)
What's the purpose of life? Zoologist Richard Dawkins says it's
to allow our selfish genes to reproduce while merely using our
bodies as disposable vessels.
by Thomas Bass

Under the Influence (pg 62)
New studies reveal that our likes and dislikes are not as
deeply rooted in our environment as we had believed but
rather in our genetic makeup.
by Melvin Konner

Fiction: Looking Down (pg 66)
Gods are what our tradition and necessity have made them, but
how do they perceive us? This tale is a bird's-eye view of a
creature revered as a god, and his struggle to both reject
and uphold this responsibility.
by Carol Emshwiller

Antimatter (pg 73)
Aliens seem to have a preference for landing on Soviet soil;
a strong-armed guru can lift more than your spirits;
exercising away those unwanted thoughts;
and blood tests for New Age healers.

The Great Omni Treasure Hunt Announcement (pg 96)
Now you can unearth great treasures without getting
dirt under your nails. Find out how

Games (pg 98)
If you have a knack for creating bad puns,
you may just win our fiftieth competition.
by Scot Morris

Star Tech (pg 102)
Whether you're outdoors or inside, here are
gadgets to ease you into the future

Last Word (pg 104)
If you're single and you think you had problems finding a date
for the New Year's Eve party, just wait until the year 2000.
by Linda Sunshine