Omni November 1990










Vol.13 No. 2

Cover Art: The front cover art was a holographic Motorola cell phone with wording talking about the graphic on the inside when you open the cover. On top was "Twenty Years ago, who would have dreamed that photographs could show three dimensions? Then underneath the holograph image was the wording "And who would have dreamed that cellular phones could fit in your pocket?" Then a Motorola graphic at the bottom. On the back of this page was an ad for the phone on the backside. It had the title "You may see a small phone. The Story behind it is a small miracle."

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President: Kathy Keeton
Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Managing Editor: Steve Fox
Art Director: Dwayne Flinchum

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 6)
Why are millions of kids dying every year of starvation
when there's a worldwide food surplus?
by Sally Struthers

Omnibus (pg 8)
The Who's Who of contributing authors

Communications (pg 10)
Readers' writes.

Stars (pg 14)
It's all done with mirrors: Bringing the heavens down to Earth
was Angel's miracle. The latest telescope lenses are giving
us a clearer view of outer space.
by Victor Dricks

Arts (pg 18)
What kind of interiors can you expect from a designer who looks
to science fiction for inspiration and to God for approval?
by Tom Dworetzky

Mind (pg 20)
Warning: Keeping those dirty thoughts to
yourself may be hazardous to your health.
by Anthony Liversidge

Body (pg 22)
New ray of hope? Drill,s needles, and pain
are biting the dust in dental offices.
by John Robert Marlow

Earth (pg 24)
Down under: The scarcity of metropolitan sites in Japan won't
stop expansion; they're now planning an entire underground city.
by Steve Nadis

Space (pg 28)
Once travel to the stars is feasible, will the trip be worth taking?
by Nicholas Booth

Explorations (pg 32)
The iceman is making a comeback: DNA from prehistoric blood
is playing the leading role in finding our roots.
by Linda Marsa

Continuum (pg 33)
A giant leap in genetic disease research isn't raising hopes for
those afflicted. It's 1990; do you know who your parent are?
Deathtrap: For some makes, sex can be fatal. If you're not
attending church, you may be sacrificing your health.

Making Fun (pg 42)
Live out your fantasies: Tomorrow's theme parks will stimulate
your mind and excite your senses. Millions of dollars are going
into creating new interactive, computer-simulated rides. Today's
amusement park favorite, however is still the roller coaster. We
look at the fastest most frightening rides to suffer through.
by A.J.S. Rayl

Fiction: Tower of Babylon (pg 50)
The tower had been completed, and in a short while the workers would
break into heaven. But would they encounter God's wrath or wisdom?
by Ted Chiang

Pictorial: The Airtight Garage (pg 68)
Framed by the Russians: French cartoonist Jean (Moebius) Giraud)
will have his comic strip captured on film in the Soviet Union.
by Kellee Monahan

Truth & Consequences (pg 72)
Roger Boisjoly warned NASA before the Challenger disaster. Not only
was he ignored; he was demoted. Others have also suffered for their
honesty. When will these heroes be honored?
by Jeff Goldberg

Interview (pg 78)
Just say, "Ow!": Nobel prize-winner Sir James Black developed
wonder drugs to alleviate ulcer pain and treat heart disease.
What's next for this miracle maker?
by Douglas Stein

The Mechanics of Mysticism (pg 84)
Yogis and holy men have long demonstrated supernatural control
over breathing and heart rate. But how well would their "powers"
stand up to the rigors of scientific testing?
The studies produced some startling results.
by Patrick Tierney

Fiction: Apres Moi (pg 90)
It wasn't fair; Allen always got his way.
When would his lucky streak end?
by Gardner Dozois

Antimatter (pg 97)
Pilot program: The search for UFO witness. Dreams may reveal your
unconscious thoughts, but can they also predict the future?
Does your cat like to roam away from home? Maybe your pet's a
Sagittarian. Is a five-year-old Spanish boy the reincarnation
of a great Buddhist lama?

The Omni Arcade (pg 137)
The latest in computer and video games,
plus the results of Competition #51
by Bob Lindstrom and Scot Morris

Star Tech (pg 142)
Lightweight and powerful - the newest laptop computers
promise to perform as well as the homebound versions

Last Word (pg 144)
How well would you fare on the Nicholson Scale?
Are you merely psychotic or the Devil reincarnated?
by Judy Nollet