Omni May 1991







Vol.13 No. 8

Cover Art: The light bulb looms above the metropolis, a symbol of inspiration as well as energy. With acrylic and oils, artist Paul Lehr reminds us that to maintain an energy-hungry civilization, we must constantly seek the light of inspiration. This issue is designed to shed some light, and with luck insight, on the topic of energy.

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First Word
No Single strategy can answer America's present and future energy
needs, but past decisions limit access to many energy options.
So says the U.S. secretary of energy, who argues that Bush's
strategy will provide for an energy future that is both
environmentally and economically sound.
by Admiral James Watkins

Osage, Iowa, boasts clean streets, freshly painted houses, lots of shady
maple trees - and one of the country's top energy conservation programs
by Beth Howard

The Who's Who of contributing authors

Readers' Writes

The powerful conversion of an actor who practices
the energy conservation he preches.
by Ed Begley Jr.

A farmer's life: Plowing the fields, harvesting the crops, checking
the rise and fall of grain options on the home computer, the benefits
of botulism; New Jersey, the astronomy state; microorganisms are
eating our highways; and more

Perpetual Power
Will renewable sources power society in the future?
While weaning the world away from oil will be a long,
tough process, some mavericks have been paving the way
for cheaper, cleaner, saner energy
by Tom Dworetzky

Good to the Last Drop
A lot of the world's oil is playing hard to get. To capture the
elusive elixir, fuel companies are boiling oily rocks and returning
to wells thought to be pumped dry to slurp to the last few ounces.
by Phil Scott

The Omni Energy Efficiency Guide
Want to conserve energy, but not sure how? Just, follow our very
simple, practical tips on how you can save power at home, at work,
and on the road
by Shari Rudavsky

Alternative Sources: A Status Report
Ben Barber, Steve Nadis, Dana Points, Beth Livermore, Steven Scott Smith,
and Mary McDonnell look at the rivals of oil. Solar and nuclear power are
still in the running, but they are getting some stiff competition from
cow manure and the earth's steamy interior.

Pictorial: Art for a Brave New World
Like Rodney Dangerfield, computer art gets no respect.
Artist Barbara Nessim hopes that she can redeem the field
with a brand-new exhibit that shows off its brightest side.
by Robert K.J. Killheffer

In 1957 Vernon Mountcastle discovered how the cerebral cortex
is organized. Today he still delves deep into the brain to find
the link between the organ's structure and perception.
by Kathleen Stein

Fiction: A Kiss, a Wink, a Grassy Knoll
Edgar and Natalie fall in love while editing the Zapruder film
of John Kennedy's assassination for a music video. As tention builds
between the couple and Natalie's husband, Edgar comes to a
startling conclusion about what happened that day in Dallas.
by Jack Womack

Was the alleged alien landing in New Mexico in 1947
really just a lot of hot air?; flu-causing sunspots;
bagging Bigfood; and more

Video Games
The only thing John Madden Football is missing is the touchdown dance.
Also, players can tackle aliens in Battle Squardron, nasty dolls in
Mendel Palace, and an entire city in Rampage
by Bob Lindstrom

What's in a word? Anagrams, palindromes, unusual records and fun.
by Scot Morris

Star Tech
Techno-toys of tommorrow

Last Word
Forget saving the earth. It's just going to be paved over anyway.
Here're a few suggestions for hastening the earth's inevitable
fate as the universe's parking lot.
by Darryl Henriques