Omni July 1991





Vol.13 No. 10

Cover Art: Do we still dream eagerly of space travel? Of great vessels voyaging between worlds and among the stars? Cover artist Chris Moore certainly has such dreams. Where are Moore's spacecraft bound? Hard to say. But at least they are unbound by gravity, their great energies free to strain toward distant frontiers.

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First Word
The light of glasnost has revealed a Soviet space program badly in need
of rejuvenation. But the Soviet Union's economic crisis, warns this
ex-Soviet space official, may force the public to choose between food
and rockets.
by Roald Sagdeev

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Readers' Writes

Having mastered the art of gradually cornering vulnerable high-tech
markets, Japan turns its attention to the commercial space areas.
It's learned how to be a contender without being a big spender
by Jerry Grey

If it's three o'clock, this must be Spain:
Travelers will zoom in comfort through Europe on a
high-speed rail network now on the drawing board.
by W.E. Gutman

The world's oldest living giant trees stand deep
in a Chilean forest, but their days may be numbered.
by Shari Rudavsky

The profits from Project Solar Sail will
help send solar sails to the moon.
by Patricia Barnes-Svarney

Vindicating vegetarianism; beware the monster sand dunes;
the toilet plunger - out of the bathroom and into
the operating room; and more

Rim Shots
Considered too remote for the Apollo program, the Pacific Rim has
become the hot spot for spaceports in the works. But a boom in space
launches in the Pacific could sound the death knell for the US
Space Industry
by Tom Dworetzky

Spaceward Ho!
The covered wagons may look a little different, but we'll settle
space much the same way we did the Western frontier - with the
government leading the way. Private industry will need federal help
to develop space, just as it did to build the West's railroads and dams.
by Ben Bova and Stephen L. Gillett

The Greenhouse Effect: Apocalypse Now or Chicken Little?
While the scientists predict that the most drastic results of the
greenhouse effect won't be felt for some years a lot of people are
already getting hot under the collar. Taking a look at the planet's
periodic climate changes might help them - and the earth - cool down.
by Robert Silverberg

Pictorial: Lost Ark
Where the wild things are: Drawing the animals one by one,
Dugald Stermer creates a naturalistic Noah's Ark.
by Sandy Fritz

W. French Anderson has not only unlocked many of the secrets
locked in DNA, he has also put them to practical use.
by Kathleen McAuliffe

Fiction: Stigmata
Deep in the tangled, vibrant rain forest, a man stuggles to
escape his memories of a lost love and searchs for truth.
by Robert Frazier

A UFO unites contentious Belgium; vampire bats may be moving to
Florida, but they're not retiring; a modern-day Dracula
and the original's stolen ring; and more

Star Tech
Tools for the twenty-first century

Video Games
A look at the new game system shows that undisputed champion Nintendo
has some serious challengers. The quality and availability of games
will determine which systems can go the distance
by Bob Lindstrom

At a puzzle convention, enthusiasts display
the latest unconventional creations
by Scot Morris

Last Word
There are no new ideas, only old radio
waves masquerading as new ideas.
by Stan Sinberg