Omni September 1993






Vol.15 No. 11

What do our dreams tell us about ourselves? It's a question as old as our species - and as new as the latest technology. In fact, the worlds of our dreams and worlds of technology may be on a collision course.
Cover art by James Marsh.

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President & C.O.O.: Kathy Keeton
Editor: Keith Ferrell
Executive VP/ Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Managing Editor: Caroline Dark
Art Director: Cathryn Mezzo

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 4)
AIDS, TB, and Technology
by Edward S. Golub

Communications (pg 6)

Funds (pg 8)
by Linda Marsa

Electronic Universe (pg 10)
by Gregg Keizer

Travel (pg 12)
by Rita Ariyoshi

Mind (pg 14)
Hooking brain to machine
by David P. Snyder

Sights (pg 16)
Closed captioning opens up
by Robert Angus

Arts (pg 18)
by Paul McCarthy

Space (pg 20)
by Brenda Forman

Political Science (pg 22)
Free drugs for addicts - in jail
by Tom Dworetzky

Digs (pg 24)
by Peggy Noonan

Continuum (pg 27)

Dark Side of the Unknown (pg 34)
A few unusual therapists buck the system and specialize in treating
people who've had encounters with the unexplainable.
by Patrick Huyghe

Language of the Night (pg 46)
Dreaming about the Russians? Darth Vader? Anita Hill?
Find out what these images mean.
by Keith Harary

Dreaming for Dollars (pg 54)
To some entrepreneurs, dreams aren't merely perplexing images
they're a booming business
by Pamela Weintraub

Fiction: Art Appreciation (pg 62)
by Barry N. Maltzberg and Jack Dann

Interview (pg 69)
Architect Richard Meier's buildings breathe new life into cities
by Peter Slatin

Antimatter (pg 75)

Games (pg 96)
by Scot Morris