Omni Fall 1995







Vol.17 No. 8

On the Cover: Painting by Hajime Sorayama. A celebration of humankind meeting the future. Just as Sorayama's illustration depicts the conjoining of man with the future, this first issue of the new reformatted Omni is dedicated to the future. We offer a factbased look at the futuristic legacy of Star Trek, the logistics of resurrecting the ancient giants, the next generation of mathematics, and the results of what you believe about the final future: the afterdeath. We hope you enjoy this Omni of the future.

Editor in Chief & Design Director: Bob Guccione

President & C.O.O.: Kathy Keeton
Senior VP/Editor in Chief: Keith Ferrell
Executive VP/ Graphics Director: Frank Devino
Managing Editor: Caroline Dark
Art Director: Nicholas E. Torello

Contents / Articles

First Word (pg 4)
by Gregory Benford

Communications (pg 6)

Forum (pg 10)
by Keith Ferrell

Wings (pg 14)
by Denny Atkin

Medicine (pg 18)
by Steve Nadis and Fuzzy Fysicians

Mind (pg 20)
by Bennett Daviss

Wheels (pg 22)
Pioneering the way
by Denny Atkin

Sounds (pg 24)
by Byron Poole

Electronic Universe (pg 27)
by Gregg Keizer

Space (pg 28)
by Bill Lawren

Kid Stuff (pg 30)
by Chris Krejlgaard

Books (pg 32)
by Richard Farr

Continuum (pg 35)

The Science of Star Trek (pg 46)
Science joins fiction to bring to life the tools and technology
of Star Trek. Plus, a review of Star Trek CD-Roms and
technical documentation
by Denny Atkin

Looking for the Sweet Spot in N-Dimensional Space (pg 54)
Sphere-packing, cake-baking, sweet-spot making design
of experiments: the genius of David Doehlert and Neil Sioane
by Kathleen Stein

Beyond Death and Dying (pg 62)
What do Omni readers believe?
The results of our exclusive survey of your beliefs about the afterdeath.
by Melanie Menagh

Resurrecting Dinosaurs (pg 68)
According to this scientist, dinosaurs may walk the earth
again within 20 years
by Charles Pellegrino

Science Fiction (pg 73)
Chung Kuo
by Keith Ferrell

Fiction: Some Like It Cold (pg 74)
Marilyn Monroe survives
by John Kessel

Fiction: Once More, Legato (pg 80)
If the birds disappear, do they still sing?
by Ray Bradbury

Fiction: Three Portraits from Helsenberg (pg 84)
A woman sees her life reflected in raindrenched windows.
by Kathe Koja and Barry Malzberg

The Truth About Roswell (pg 90)
A complete history of one of the century's most
controversial UFO encounters.
by Dava Sobel

Star Witness (pg 100)
An interview with the mortician of Roswell, Glenn Dennis
by Karl T. Pflock

The Case of the Vanishing Nurses (pg 106)
What really happend to the five Army nurses at Roswell?
by Paul McCarthy

Pictorial (pg 115)
by Manfred Kage

Interview: Daniel Dennett (pg 119)
by Robert K.J. Kiliheffe

Games (pg 134)
by Scot Morris

Last Word (pg 136)
by Bob Quinn

I wanted to say thank you to:
Allan Bailey
for providing me with the cover and listing information
for this issue which i was missing from my collection