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Season One Shows (Ep. 1 - 24 (Complete):
Season One: Show 1) Other Voices: "This episode explores the world of plants and their ability to communicate. Can they communicate? Do plants communicate with each other? Can we communicate with them? Do our actions influence their abilities to grow, thrive, and reproduce? Can they read our thoughts and do our actions, moods, and feelings influence them? Various researchers discuss their research, discoveries, and ideas concerning our relationship with the plants around us, how they are influenced by us, and how they influence us. "
Season One: Show 2) Strange Visitors: "This episode examines New Hampshire's Mystery Hill and the Oracle Chamber. Was this site built by ancient Phoenicians who traveled to America thousands of years ago, or is it all an elaborate hoax? Scientists and Archaeologists discuss theories on what the ruins may mean and who might have built them. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy."
Season One: Show 3) Ancient Aviators: "In this episode we investigate the mysterious markings on the plains of Nazca in Peru. What are these mysterious markings and who made them and why? Were they an ancient landing field for aliens? The signs and symbols of various birds and insects are only discernibly from the air. How then could the ancient Nazca's made them unless they had an aerial view in which to work them out. What are the mysterious arrow straight lines that seem to lead nowhere and why are they there? These and other strange markings in the area make us wonder who made them and why? Were they man made or did someone else put them there? "
Season One: Show 4) The Bermuda Triangle: " This episode examines the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious expanse of Atlantic Ocean bounded by Miami, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. With disappearances in the Triangle dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus, is the area a place for supernatural phenomenon or explainable as natural weather occurances and human error? While many popular theories exist, eyewitnesses and scietists discuss view and theories on what is occurring in this strange part of the Atlantic. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy."
Season One: Show 5) Bigfoot: "This episode investigates the Native American Legend of Bigfoot or "Sasquatch" as the Native Americans call it. A large, hairy beast, resembling a man. Scientists and Cryptozoologist discuss the possibility that this creature may inhabit the thousands of square miles of uninhabited timberland in the American Northwest. The legend of Bigfoot dates back may centuries and sightings have been reported continuously since before the white man came to this region of America and they continue today. Archival footage of a suspected Bigfoot is shown and discussed with both witnesses and scientists evaluating the film. "
Season One: Show 6) Killer Bees: This episode investigates the behavior of Brazilian Killer bees and the various genetic experiements that are being conducted to stop the killer bees from reaching the United States.
Season One: Show 7) EarthQuakes: This episode investigates the various techniques Scientists are developing in the study of earthquakes and assorted seismic activity that may one day help to predict future events before happening.
Season One: Show 8) The Mummy's Curse: This episode investigates the protective Curse of King Tutankamun's Tomb and the strange chain of deaths that followed with everyone that was involved with the items from the King's tomb..
Season One: Show 9) Martians: This episode investigates the theory of the Death of Mars because of its climate changes and looking into the fact that the same thing might be happening to our Earth.
Season One: Show 10) Atlantis: This episode investigates the "14 huge stone buildings beneath the waters of the Bahamas, and a 2000 year old computer part, are part of the lost empire of Atlantis."
Season One: Show 11) Psychic Detectives: This episode investigates "a unique scientific detective squad that uses E.S.P. as an effective crime-solving tool."
Season One: Show 12) A Call from Space: This episode investigates "Can the space technologies that discovered other galaxies help us communicate with other life?"
Season One: Show 13) Learning ESP: This episode investigates the question "Do the powers of extrasensory perception really exist, and can they be taught?"
Season One: Show 14) Nazi Plunder: This episode investigates the treasure hunters who search for Nazi plunder over 30 years old that could be worth billions.
Season One: Show 15) Amelia Earhart: This episode investigates the "rumors that the famous aviatrix, who disappeared during a 1937 flight over the Pacific Ocean, was on a spy mission.."
Season One: Show 16) Dracula: This episode investigates the "life and recorded history of Count Vlad in Romania, with comparisons to the main character of the famous Bram Stoker novel."
Season One: Show 17) The Easter Island Massacre: This episode investigates the "answers to the mysteries of how 70-ton giant stones came to the remote island and who might have destroyed some of them."
Season One: Show 18) Ghosts: This episode investigates "specters and a parapsychologist's theory that they are troubled earthbound souls in need of help."
Season One: Show 19) Life after Death: This episode investigates "a soul research institute for firsthand accounts of people who claim they have died and come back to life."

Season One: Show 20) Loch Ness Monster: This episode investigates the quest for the mysterious Loch Ness Monster to prove that it truely exists from first hand eye witness interviews.

Season One: Show 21) UFOs: This episode investigates the reports of people who have claimed to have seen UFOs / Flying Saucers with growing evidence that America has been getting regularly visted by these mysterious flying objects.
Season One: Show 22) Voodoo: This episode investigates the world of Voodoo with actual Voodoo rites and rutuals. A Voodoo priest guides us through the amazing world of Voodoo practioners and their art, with some first time allowed filming footage inserted in the report.
Season One: Show 23) Inca Treasure: This episode investigates the search for the lost treasures of the Inca and the city of gold. "Camera crews accompany a Peruvian excavation party in quest of a great Inca city believed lost for 300 years."
Season One: Show 24) The Magic of Stonehenge: This episode investigates the stories behind the mysteries of Stonehenge, looking into the mysterious power that captivates Britian and the rest of the world with what it really is or could be designed for.
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