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Season Two Shows (Ep. 1 - 24 (Complete):
Season Two: Show 1) The Lost Dutchman Mine: This episode investigates the "An investigation into why hundreds of gold hunters have died searching for a lost treasure ever since a Dutch prospector wandered out of's Arizona's Superstition Mountains in the 1860s. Is there really cursed gold hidden there, as Apache lore suggests?."
Season Two: Show 2) The Man Who Would Not Die: This episode investigates the saga of Europes Count of Saint-Germain. The man who dazzeled the various courts of Europe for over 100 years, appearing to have found the elixer of eternal life. Although he appeared 40, others thought he lived to 150. Some believe he has never died and never will.
Season Two: Show 3) Firewalkers: This episode investigates the ability of people to walk on Red-Hot coals without being burned.
Season Two: Show 4) Mayan Mysteries: This episode investigates the "The Mayans of Mexico carved an advanced civilization out of the jungles, then disappeared. Where did they come from? Where did they go?"
Season Two: Show 5) Astrology: This episode investigates the long held attraction to Astrology that so many people have and do the stars hold the secrets of mens affairs for today and tommorrow. For decades people turn to their daily horoscopes to see how their day will be. This show looks at how old this study really is and how many rulers used them in their times.
Season Two: Show 6) Michael Rockefeller: This episode investigates the questions of "Did he drown or was he murdered? An investigation into the disappearance of Nelson Rockefeller's youngest son who vanished without a trace among some of the most primitive peoples in the world. Film found in a camera suggested they were the victim of headhunters, or was it staged?"
Season Two: Show 7) Hurricanes: This episode investigates the amazing power of Hurricanes. "Take a close-up look at these violent killers that have taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Can they be controlled or prevented?"
Season Two: Show 8) The Ogopogo Monster: This episode investigates the "large beast, similar to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster, has claimed to been seen by thousands of people in western Canada."
Season Two: Show 9) Pyramid Secrets: This episode investigates the "theory that the pyramids of Egypt were built to provide shelter from a holocaust, not as tombs for the pharaohs."
Season Two: Show 10) Dead Sea Scrolls: This episode investigates the "story of the 2,000-year-old scrolls, discovered by a shepherd, that revolutionized religious thought."
Season Two: Show 11) Reincarnation: This episode investigates the story of people who have claimed to have lived before in previous lifetimes.
Season Two: Show 12) The Shark Worshippers: This episode investigates "a trip to remote parts of the Pacific where man-eating sharks are considered gods. Adults pray to them and children swim unafraid among them."
Season Two: Show 13) Anastasia: This episode investigates the "evidence that the youngest daughter of Russia's Czar Nicholas II survived the family executions, and settled in Charlottesville, Virginia."
Season Two: Show 14) Secrets of Life: This episode investigates the "possibility that human life can be created in laboratories engaged in DNA research."
Season Two: Show 15) Immortality: This episode investigates the "scientific discoveries of new methods of prolonging human life, such as cryonics, which can suspend life for centuries."
Season Two: Show 16) The Swamp Monster: This episode investigates the "reports that a huge man-like beast is living in the swamps of Louisiana's bayou."
Season Two: Show 17) Hypnosis: This episode investigates "a look back at the great scientist Mesmer, whose hypnotic techniques are being used in modern surgery, teaching, and police investigations (see also Learning ESP)"
Season Two: Show 18) Troy: This episode investigates "the story of Heinrich Schliemann, an eccentric self-made millionaire obsessed with discovering the ruins of Troy at a time when the city was considered a fable that never existed. He discovered not one, but nine ancient cities in Turkey, and recovered a hoard of spectacular relics."
Season Two: Show 19) Witch Doctors: This episode investigates "ancient folk medicines that are being reinstituted today in modern mental institutions and are yielding positive results."
Season Two: Show 20) Haunted Castles: This episode investigates "one of the world's most haunted places."
Season Two: Show 21) Butch Cassidy: This episode investigates the "possibility that Butch Cassidy was not killed in Bolivia along with the Sundance Kid, but actually lived a full life and died peacefully in 1937."
Season Two: Show 22) Deadly Ants: This episode investigates the world of the dealy fire ants that have been marching across much of the southern part of the United States and all the various failed attempts to stop them.
Season Two: Show 23) The Coming Ice Age: This episode investigates the dramatic weather changes we are facing in America's Northern states and the theory that this might be the sign of a new coming Ice Age.
Season Two: Show 24) Garden of Eden: This episode investigates the "Old Testament as a road map, researchers attempt to trace the possible site of the original Garden to India, China, and an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia."
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