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Season Three Shows (Ep. 1 - 24 (Complete):
Season Three: Show 1) UFO Captives: This episode investigates people who have experience Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. They believe they they have been held captive and aboad an alien spacecraft."Original broadcast: 14 September 1978."
Season Three: Show 2) Tornadoes: This episode investigates one of the most mysterious and deadliest forces known to man, the Tornado. These amazing forces removed buildings and places without a trace, can they ever be stopped? "Original broadcast: 21 September 1978."
Season Three: Show 3) Cloning: This episode investigates the world of cloning and the ability to create exact an exact copy of a person and also the production of single parent human beings. "Original broadcast: 28 September 1978."
Season Three: Show 4) Water Seekers: This episode investigates the mysterious world of Diving Rods and the amazing signals they pick up. "Original broadcast: 5 October 1978."
Season Three: Show 5) Jack the Ripper: This episode investigates the "unsolved mystery of London's notorious serial killer. The episode reveals the killer's connection with contemporary media and the possible involvement with the Masons. Various identities are suggested as being that of the killer, including a duke who was second in line to the British throne. Original broadcast: 12 October 1978."
Season Three: Show 6) Cryogenics: This episode investigates the "new methods to prolong human life and, in the case of cryogenics, to suspend the possibility of life for centuries. Original broadcast: 19 October 1978."
Season Three: Show 7) Siberian Fireball: This episode investigates the "unexplained and catastrophic explosion in Siberia in 1908 was an atomic blast occurring 37 years before the development of the A-bomb. Original broadcast: October 1978."
Season Three: Show 8) The Great Lakes Triangle: This episode investigates the "efforts by scientists and psychics to discover the mysterious forces around the Great Lakes that have caused more air and sea disasters than the Bermuda Triangle. Original broadcast: 2 November 1978."
Season Three: Show 9) Monster Hunters: This episode investigates "what compels scientists and teachers to pursue a man-like beast in Northern California. Original broadcast: 9 November 1978."
Season Three: Show 10) Bermuda Triangle Pirates: This episode investigates the Luxurious yachts that "are disappearing off the coast of Florida. Are pirates trafficking in drugs to blame? Original broadcast: 7 December 1978."
Season Three: Show 11) Indian Astronomers: This episode investigates the "recent excavations in southern Illinois provide tantalizing glimpses at Native-American use of astronomy. Original broadcast: 14 December 1978."
Season Three: Show 12) Sherlock Holmes: This episode investigates new clues about the existence of super sleuth known as Sherlock Holmes. "Original broadcast: 21 December 1978."
Season Three: Show 13) Lost Vikings: This episode investigates the "story of Viking Erik the Red's descendants, who left Scandinavia and arrived in northern Canada centuries before Columbus. Original broadcast: 28 December 1978."
Season Three: Show 14) Dreams and Nightmares: This episode investigates the amazing world of Dreams and Nightmares. What lessons can we learn from our unconscious mind and how can we control them? "Original broadcast: 4 January 1979."
Season Three: Show 15) Animal ESP: This episode investigates "dramatic scenes attempt to demonstrate that close communication between people and their pets may be due to more than emotional bonds. Original broadcast: 11 January 1979."
Season Three: Show 16) TheMoney Pit Mystery: This episode investigates the "true tale of hidden treasure and mysterious death. Six people have died in the scramble to dig up the Oak Island treasures, supposedly buried by Captain Kidd. Original broadcast: 18 January 1979."
Season Three: Show 17) Psychic Sea Hunt: This episode investigates "a team of psychics gives scientists the exact description and location of an unknown shipwreck, and a submarine hunt proves them right. Original broadcast: 25 January 1979."
Season Three: Show 18) Angel of Death: This episode investigates the Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal as he "tracks infamous war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele to his hiding place in Paraguay. Original broadcast: 1 February 1979."
Season Three: Show 19) Noah's Flood: This episode investigates an "inquiry into whether or not scientific proof exists for the legend of the Great Flood. Original broadcast: 8 February 1979.
Season Three: Show 20) The Diamond Curse: This episode investigates the question of "why do mystery and tragedy plague the owners of great gems like the Hope Diamond? Original broadcast: 15 February 1979."
Season Three: Show 21) Ghostly Stakeout: This episode investigates "In a haunted house, a psychic team contacts troubled spirits that live on after death. Original broadcast: 22 February 1979"
Season Three: Show 22) Brain Power: This episode investigates " the incredible hidden potential of the human mind, including the possibility that average people can become geniuses. Original broadcast: 17 March 1979."
Season Three: Show 23) Sodom and Gomorrah: This episode investigates " evidence developed by archaeologists suggesting that the two wicked cities existed on the site of a crater now filled in by the Dead Sea. Original broadcast: 10 May 1979."
Season Three: Show 24) King Tut: This episode investigates " the ancient Egyptian monarch's final days. Was he a beloved leader who died a natural death or did court intrigues lead to his assassination? Original broadcast: 17 May 1979."
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