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Season Four Shows (Ep. 1 - 24 (Complete):
Season Four: Show 1) Tidal Waves: This episode investigates "a reenactment of the incredible destruction wrought by the tsunami (giant sea wave) that struck Hawaii in 1960. Original broadcast: 20 September 1979."
Season Four: Show 2) Carlos, The World's Most Wanted Man: This episode investigates the "chilling profile of the playboy-turned-terrorist, called Carlos the Jackal who was called "The World's Most Wanted Man." Original broadcast: 27 September 1979."
Season Four: Show 3) The Amityville Horror: This episode investigates "a dream house in a lovely suburb becomes a nightmare when the owners discover an evil presence. Original broadcast: 4 October 1979."
Season Four: Show 4) UFO Austrailia: This episode investigates the "actual film footage of unidentified flying objects flying Down Under. Includes interview with New Zealand pilot and author, Bruce Cathie. Original broadcast: 11 October 1979."
Season Four: Show 5) Immortal Sharks: This episode investigates the questions of "why has the great white shark not evolved as other animals have? Leonard Nimoy hosts this look at this most ancient and primitive creature. Original broadcast: 18 October 1979."
Season Four: Show 6) The Lost Colony of Roanoke: This episode investigates the "new evidence which offers an intriguing theory about where the colonists went. Original broadcast: 25 October 1979."
Season Four: Show 7) The Shroud of Turin: This episode investigates wth "an in-depth examination of the famed cloth that many believe holds the image of Jesus Christ. Original broadcast: 8 November 1979."
Season Four: Show 8) Mexican Pyramids: This episode investigates "the bloody story of the great pyramids, which were used for daily human sacrifices. Original broadcast: 15 November 1979."
Season Four: Show 9) The Abominable Snowman: This episode investigates "the experiences of the explorers who say they have actually sighted the legendary creature. Original broadcast: 22 November 1979."
Season Four: Show 10) Pompeii: This episode investigates the "great Roman city was a wealthy resort and mecca for fun-lovers before it was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Were early Christians among the Roman revelers? Original broadcast: 29 November 1979."
Season Four: Show 11) D.B. Cooper: This episode investigates "the incredible story of the man who hijacked a jetliner, parachuted out with his loot, and was never seen again. Original broadcast: 6 December 1979"
Season Four: Show 12) The Ten Commandments: This episode investigates "Moses and tries to pinpoint Mount Sinai's exact location. Have pilgrims to the Holy Land been praying at the wrong location? Original broadcast: 13 December 1979."
Season Four: Show 13) The Dark Star: This episode travels "to Africa to find out why the Dogon, a primitive tribe knows so much about astronomy, a black hole, and travelers from outer space. Original broadcast: 20 December 1979."
Season Four: Show 14) The San Andreas Fault: This episode "analyzes California's great earthquake fault line to determine whether the long-predicted catastrophic quake can be predicted. Original broadcast: 27 December 1979.
Season Four: Show 15) The Missing Heirs: This episode investigates the "$3.2 million dollar fortune that remains unclaimed after a century. To whom does it belong? Original broadcast: 3 January 1980."
Season Four: Show 16) Van Gogh: This episode investigates "the life and death of the great Dutch master - was he really mad? Host Leonard Nimoy, who wrote this installment partially to promote his one-man show Vincent, found evidence that he was not. Original broadcast: 10 January 1980."
Season Four: Show 17) Wild Children: This episode investigates the case "when raised by animals, can children survive in civilization? Leonard Nimoy examines several historical cases. Original broadcast: 17 January 1980"
Season Four: Show 18) The Ghost Ship: This episode investigates a story "in 1872, the captain and crew of the Mary Celeste vanished without a trace. The sails were set to the wind and breakfast was on the table. Who or what possessed the ship? Original broadcast: 24 January 1980."
Season Four: Show 19) Earth Visitors: This episode investigates if our worlds earliest ancestors were travelers from other planets? Original broadcase: 31 January 1980.
Season Four: Show 20) John the Baptist: This episode investigates where the great holy man, John the Baptist's "remains are in Europe or Egypt Original broadcast: 7 February 1980."
Season Four: Show 21) Air Disaster Predictions: This episode investigates the "reports that major air crashes have been seen or predicted beforehand in nightmares. Includes the 1979 crash of American Airlines Flight 191. Original broadcast: 14 February 1980."
Season Four: Show 22) The Bimini Wall: This episode investigates "the saga of the giant stones found at the bottom of the Caribbean. Leonard Nimoy probes whether they might be part of the ancient, supposedly mythical, empire of Atlantis. Original broadcast: 21 February 1980."
Season Four: Show 23) Glenn Miller: This episode investigates "an inquiry into why the mysterious death of the great musician was never investigated, and a possible military coverup. Original broadcast: 7 March 1980."
Season Four: Show 24) Past Lives: This episode investigates "Can reincarnation be proved? Leonard Nimoy examines the data, testimony, and theories. Original broadcast: 14 March 1980."
Season Four Complete