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Dramatic Phenomena from the New Frontiers of Science

Edited by Dick Teresi


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"Bite-sized morsels of the future - sometimes startling, sometimes incredible, always fascinating." - Isaac Asimov


• If a black hole evaporates what gets left behind?

• Are there hidden messages from outer space already here on Earth?

• Whatever happend to the brain of Albert Einstein after his death?

• Is sex more pleasurable for women than for men?

• Does a preference for either a hot dog or a hamburger reveal aspects of your personality?

• Is the sun shrinking?

These are just a few of the fascinating scientific facts, stimulating anecdotes, and startling tidbits you'll find out about in OMNI's Continuum. It is a bumper crop of new items never before published, as well as a collection of some of the very best from OMNI magazine's most popular monthly column. Continuum explores the cutting edige of knowledge in every field from health and medicine, animal and plant life, to stars and space, behavior and the mind, energy and technology, inventions and innovations, natural phenomena, and even the paranormal. Whether discovered at the extremes of the universe, in the depths of the ocean, or inside the awesome human brain. Continuum's lively facts and features will suprise you, amaze you and perhaps make you marvel once more at the extravagant strangeness of this world around us.

Dick Teresi, Executive Editor

Photo Credit: Dan Morrill

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