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The Book of High-Tech Society 2000



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The time has come to start preparing for the year 2000 -- it is less than a generation away. In a world of computer revolutions, in the new biomedical frontiers and alternative energy sources, where will you stand? Tomorrow, your old reliable television will be able to freeze frames and zoom-in on command; electrical currents, fed into the brain during surgery, will eliminate the need for dangerous drug-induced anesthesia; and nuclear power will finally be a safe and limitless source of energy for everyday purposes!

Here in over 35 articles brought to you from the pages of OMNI Magazine, you will be exposed to unique ideas about the brave new world. Popular science fiction write Ben Bova offers economic options for the future and you will be given the chance to match wits with Arthur C. Clark, author of 2010, by taking the quiz included in this book!

Welcome to the future.