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OMNI I.Q. Quiz Contest
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WIN $10,000 in cash and prizes!

Announcing the most exciting book contest yet - the Omni I.Q. Quiz Contest!


The best part of this contest is that the winner doesn't have to be smarter than other contests - only more resourceful. Because the Omni I.Q. Quiz Contest is not a real I.Q. test- though it contains many similar elements - it's an I.Q. contest, similar to an "open book" test. If you don't know the answer, you can look it up! of course, the answer's not so simple to find, but anyone cant take the Omni I.Q. Quiz Contest - and win!


The Omni I.Q. Quiz Contest is not just a single quiz. It contains numerous entertaining puzzles and games, for which the answer are provided in the book. There's also a warmup for the contest quiz. And there are fascinating chapters on conroversial issues of I.Q. versus intelligence, the new frontiers in the science of intelligence research, the psychology of taking tests, and how to figure the I.Q. of the dead! There is also an extremely valuable section on how to improve your performance on all kinds of intelligence tests - advice for both adults and young people.


Author Marilyn Mach vos Savant is a member of all the exisiting I.Q. societies - including the Mega Society, which requires an intelligence levels that can be reached by only one out of every million people. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest intelligence test score in the world.