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For the traditional scientist, it is a topic that bears the fruits of doubt and skepticism; for the ambitious filmmaker, it is a source of ample box office returns. But to the parapsychologist, it is a serious subject matter that requires careful and painstaking research. For all, it is a matter or great debate in a field still fighting for its credibility. Welcome to the world of the paranormal and the mind. Here, in 35 articles collected from the pages of Omni, you will be taken beyond the range of normal experience and plunge into the endless depths of the brain. You will sample the mysteries of altered states and psychic phenomena, follow the trail of hypnotic investigators and the Loch Ness Monster, experience the sensations of sensory deprivation and sublimital persuasion. But most of all, you will walk the path that thousands of Omni readers have taken and learn the wonders of this fledgling, volatile field.

Welcome to the future.