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OMNI's Visions One



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OMNI Visions One

Edited by Ellen Datlow


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Omni Fiction Editor Ellen Datlow has selected some of the best stories published in Omni magazine in recent years to create this powerful collection. Datlow has selected an array of stories that illustrates the depth and variety of Omni's fiction.

Omni Visions One includes nine stories from Omni magazine and one never-before-published work. Here Marc Laidlaw takes a dark look at an America transformed by multiple betrayals during the Revolutionary war, while Harvey Jacobs creates the almost-perfect love affair. Elsewhere James P. Blaylock cleverly explores the theme of missed chances and J.R. Dunn crosses genre boundaries in creating a science fiction ghost story. The inimitable William S. Burroughs trains his dark vision on the pirates and lemurs who share an isolated island where anything can happen. Join Michael Swanwick as he contemplates the end of civilization as we know it. Experience a brand of horror imagined by Bruce McAllister, who depicts a future in which most animals seem doomed to extinction. Howard waldrop, in his typically askew manner, takes a look at early radio broadcasting, and Octavia E. Butler tells a chilling and moving tale in her novelette about human companionship in the face of a terrifying disease. To round out this collection, Datlow has included a never-before-published story by Joyce Carol Oates about a woman plagued by sexual nightmares.

Ellen Datlow is the Fiction Editor of Omni magazine, the series editor for Omni Best Science Fiction and the co-editor of the World Fantasy Award-winning series The Years's Best Fantasy & Horror".