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OMNI's Catalog of the Bizarre
Copyright 1985  
ISBN 0-385-19261-4
Edited by Pamela Weintraub
Cover Photograph by Pete Turner/Image Bank
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Can video technology help us communicate with the dead?
If Christ were alive today, would he live in Miami?

Was Joan of Arc really a man?


What are your chance of meeting a phantom hitchhiker?
Is your pet psychic?
Omni has come up with suprising answers to some of the most intriguing - and often humourous - questions posed in the realm of science and parapsychology. With new items added to those culled from Omni magazine's "Antimatter" column, you can explore with experts such as James Oberg and Charles Tart everything from UFOs to ghost watching, from time travel to Big Foot. "Antimatter" has distinguised itself with its highly provocative subjects and its sense of humor in the face of the unknown. The undefinable, the anomalous, the alien... they're all here, in OMNI's CATALOG OF THE BIZZARE.