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OMNI's Future Almanac
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"Once you have read this Almanac, very little that happens in the next two decades will be a shock to you."

Ben Bova


"The next twenty years are crucial. Make your plans with care. Think twice before buying farmland in southern Missouri, prime earthquake country. See the Amazon basin now before it turns into the world's next dustbowl. The Omni Future Almanac cuts a cross section through what's to come. Don't enter the future without it."

Robert Scheckley


"A thoughtful decription of the world in which we are going to live from now on."

Issac Asimov


"...a fun book that should have a universal appeal."

William Laffler, UPI


"For anyone who wonders where this world is heading and what life will be like 20 years from now, The Omni Future Almanac offers guesses that are not only educated but provocative. It's stimulating reading."

Dr. William A. Nolen


".... a provocative and engrossing glimpse into what the future may be like."

Library Journal