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OMNI's Future Medical Almanac
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Medical breakthroughs forecase in Omni's Future Medical Almanac
Lasers used to unclog arteries affliceted with atherosclerosis
1987 - 1990
Genetically engineered drugs to control hemophilia, emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, stress, heart disease, and certain cancers win FDA approval for general use
Scientist map all fifty cancer genes
1991 - 2000
Electric healing devices rather than plaster casts used for post-surgical recovery
A new drug, Pacifize, available as an effective suicide prevention therapy
A new substance that produces photographic memory and reverses memor loss used in controlled studies
Non-addictive drugs to elevate libido used as widely as aspring
1996 - 2000
Infertile women implanted with artificial fallopian tubes
Researchers isolate the gene for depression
Electronic medicine used to cure cancer and atherosclerosis
...and the Medical Almanac gives comprehensive lists of: the top clinics where help is available now for sufferes of chronic pain, infertility, and impotence; practitioners of electromagentic healing; the major genetic research and diagnostic centers; and much, much more.