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The OMNI Interviews
Copyright 1984  
ISBN 0-89919-269-6
Richard Leakey
Hans Bethe
E.O. Wilson
Francis Crick
Gerard K. O'Neill
B.F. Skinner
Roger Sperry
Jonas Salk
John Lilly
and More
Edited by Pamela Weintraub
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An OMNI Press Book

Since 1978, Omni magazine has published a number of interviews with today's leading scientists. Now the best of these interviews have been expanded and updated in a landmark collection that is nothing less than the first oral history of twentieth-century science.

Stimulating, candid and controversial, these conversations reflect the complete range of contemporary scientific thought - the ongoing conflicts and the most recent breakthroughs. But The OMNI Interviews are more than discussions of the craft of science; the scientists also spout poetry and spin yarns, discuss everything from drug trips to religion, predict the future and muse about the past.

Field zoologist George Schaller recalls his first glimpse of a panda through the mist in a Chinese forest; Albert Hofmann relives his accidental discovery of LSD in 1943; artificial-intelligence wizard John McCarthy imagines a high-tech door-to-door delivery system manned by robots; archeologist Richard Leakey talks about our earliest ancestors; and physicist Geral K. O'Neill contemplates our future in space.

The first book to chronicle many of the world's most exciting scientific events and ideas in the words of the scientists themselves, The Omni Interviews celebrates both the grand old men of science and the brilliant newcomers certain to affect our future. Each of these pioneers has a unique vision of the world. Together, their voices consitute an absorbing first hand record of some of this century's greatest scientific achievements.

ISBN 0-89919-269-6