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The Book of Medicine



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Imagine a world free of life-threatening disease, expanding your life expectancy to 200 years of more, forever ridding yourself of crippling pain - or waking from a cryonic sleep hundreds of years into the future. Until, recently, this was the stuff from which dreams were made. But today, much of what we believed to be mere fantasy is fast becoming a startling reality thanks to the incredible process made in the world of medicine.

In 24 articles brought to you from the pages of Omni Magazine, you will pay homage to some of the most brilliant and prolific scientific minds in the medical community. You will bear witness as they strive to improve the quality of our lives by solving some of life's most intricate medical mysteries. Written in clear concise language, with minimal use of technical jargon, The Omni Book of Medicine will take you on a journey into the here and now - and let you glimpse a better tomorrow.

Welcome to the future!