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The Book of Space



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Until we put a man on the moon, space was the stuff of science fiction; now this frontier is being tested almost on a daily basis, and like most explorations it presents challenges, rewards...and questions. Since 1978, Omni Magazine has been the source for answers and explainations.

As Earth's room and resources shrink, space provides an untapped source for almost everything we need to continue the quality of life we have reached - and hope to attain. Unlimited power and raw materials, obtainable without polluting our atomosphere, about. The research has been done; what we need now to gather this wealth is engineering - and the will to do the job.

In 34 articles collected here, some of the best known writers of our time, including James Michener, and Ray Bradbury, give us a map of tommorrow, a guide to research and engineering that can make our world a better place to live

Welcome to the future!